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Reference books used to teach this course:

  1. Introduction to Geographical Information Systems - Heywood, Cornelius, Carver
  2. Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems 
  3. - C.P. Lo, Albert K.W. Yeung
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  7. Geographic Information Science - Wolfgang Kainz
  8. How is the real world represented in GIS - Katy Bregazzi
  9. An Introduction to GIS - David J Buckley
  10. Coordinate systems and Map projections for GIS - D.H. Maling
  11. Remote Sensing and GIS - B. Bhatta
  12. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - Chang, Kang-Tsung
  13. Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems - Michael De Mers
  14. Ten Practical Applications of Geographical Information Systems - Ian Allen
  15. Understanding Map Projections - Melita Kennedy
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Ian, Heywood, Cornelius
Bradley O. Parks


Asian Institute of Technology bootable CD of GIS - AIT-STAR CD

This list is by no means comprehensive and is only indicative.