Monday, November 2, 2015

Types of output data in GIS

Output is the final product of any analysis. Analysis of geographic data using GIS software provides a tool to effectively communicate the results to decision makers.

The most common form of output from a GIS is a map. Other, non-cartographic forms of GIS output are tables and charts containing spatial and non-spatial attribute information.

The other types of outputs are:

  • Cartograms
  • Directions
  • Customer lists
  • 3D diagrams and movies
  • Contour maps
  • Non-contiguous cartograms
  • Vector map
  • Non-contiguous map
  • Pin map
  • Hatch map
  • Density map
  • Gradient map
  • Symbol map
  • Territory map
  • Pie map
  • Bar maps
  • Line graph maps
  • Prism map
  • Flow map
  • Classified choropleth map
  • Graduated circles
  • GIS provides a graphical way to view attribute value related to a spatial object