Thursday, December 3, 2015

Maintenance and analysis of spatial and attribute data

Maintenance and analysis of spatial data
Maintenance and analysis of spatial data can be performed by one of more of the operations described below:

  1. Format transformation - These functions convert between data formats of different systems. For example: reading a DXF file into a GIS
  2. Geometric transformation - These functions help transform device coordinates (coordinates from digitizing tables or screen coordinates) into world coordinates (geographic coordinates, etc)
  3. Map projections - These functions help map spatial geographic coordinates on a flat surface (map) and vice-versa
  4. Edge matching - This is the process of joining two or more map sheets. Feature representations should be matched at map sheet boundaries.
  5. Editing of graphic elements - These functions are used to remove and correct errors in order to prepare a clean dataset for topology building
  6. Coordinate thinning - This function involves removal of redundant coordinates from line representations. 
Maintenance and analysis of attribute data
The functions involving maintenance and analysis of attribute data correspond to functions of conventional database systems and contain attribute editing and attribute query functions.

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