Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maps - Basic components, Types of maps & Map analysis

Basic components of a map:
The basic components of any map are listed below:

  1. The Title of the map indicates what the map is trying to show
  2. The Key explains the symbols shown in the map
  3. The Scale gives the relationship between distance on the map to the actual distance on the Earth.
  4. Tha map shows the Latitudes (parallels N or S of the equator) and Longitudes (meridians E or W of the prime meridian)
  5. Compass rose showing the directions on a map.
The types of maps are:
  1. Physical map
  2. Political map
  3. Thematic map
  4. Cartogram and
  5. Flow-line map

Map Analysis involves answering questions based on:
  1. Title of the map
  2. Type of map
  3. Location of an object, area or phenomena
  4. Meanings of the symbols and inferences from patterns
  5. Relationship between locations and events over a period of time
  6. The main idea or theme being represented by the map.