Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Remote sensing data products

The main products of remote sensing satellites are:

  • Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Ocean colour, Ocean winds and Sea surface height measured by satellite sensors.
  • Satellite derived chlorophyll concentration and ocean currents
  • Satellite remote sensing products can be used to generate potential habitat maps of aquatic life

The products of remote sensing data are extensively used in disaster management mainly in the following disasters:

  1. Extreme weather
  2. Floods
  3. Coastal hazards / Tsunamis
  4. Volcanoes
  5. Earthquakes
  6. Landslides
  7. Droughts
  8. Dust storms and
  9. Wild fires
Remote sensing data products have demonstrated their usefulness in combating or long term management of the following problems:
  1. Climate change
  2. Pollution monitoring
  3. Plant health
  4. Land usage
  5. Population density
  6. Deforestation and
  7. Desertification
Remote sensing capabilities can be used to provide situational awareness for a wide area in a very short time frame. The data products of remote sensing are:

For extreme weather:

  • Atmospheric temperature and water vapour profiles are used as input by forecasters
  • Sea surface winds, cloud cover, rainfall and cloud profiles are used as inputs to models
  • Remote sensing imagery is used for tracking storms and damage

For floods:

  • SAR generated DEMs are used to indicate risk areas
  • Weather forecasts can be made to warn the public
  • Satellite imagery is used to assess impact and track recovery
  • Remote sensing data can be used to predict risk due to areal precipitation
  • Remote sensing products such as sea surface temperature and height are used to forecast e Nino
  • Snow cover, surface temperature and rain measurements are used to forecast available water
  • Soil moisture, rainfall and vegetation health are used to observe onset and progress of droughts
  • SAR imagery makes it possible to detect and track oil spills in the ocean
  • Atmospheric pollutants can be detected using Infra-Red (IR) radiation
  • Ocean colour is used to detect red tides